Why choose a bike tour? Because you’re too slow on foot … and you’re too fast by car!
The bike tours allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Sardinia, that is not only beaches, but also beautiful sceneries in the inland and breathtaking views. All this without worrying about the effort: you will find diversified tours for each profile, you will decide if this holiday will be full of sport or relaxation.
It is possible to agree together route, stages and difficulties. It’s time for a different holiday than usual: thanks to the pedal assistance of our MTBs it is not necessary to be trained or to ride a bike every day, you just need to choose a tour among those with the level of difficulty EASY. If you are a regular biker and love more adventurous routes, take a look at our FUN tours and book the one that’s right for you!

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Sardinia is a real paradise that holds an astonishing class of beaches of extraordinary beauty. Especially, Gallura boasts so many beaches famous all over the world for the incomparable quality of the water and the turquoise shades it takes. The front desk staff of Hotel Regina Elena will be pleased to help you to discover the most beautiful and exclusive spots, many of them easily accessible in few minutes by car.

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Olbia praises a highly vivacious wine and gastronomic offer. Copious is the choice of restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias of the City center. Beside the renowned names, as much brand new restaurants complete the interesting and fascinating offer, representing an unmissable attraction.
Officina del Gusto, La Lanterna, Dolceacqua, l’Essenza, Da Paolo, Gente di Mare, Antica Trattoria, Il Gambero, La corte del Re, Frontemare, Terra nostra, Trocadero, Molo Brin, KKult, Su Lionzu, Nobis, Mariturismo, Il Farè, Controvento and other restaurants will surprise you with their seafood and traditional specialities…This all within a stone’s throw of Residence Regina Elena!

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The night life of Olbia is one of the most attractive traits for tourists. The citizens of Gallura’s capital have a party-loving soul: they love having fun, staying out into the early hours, spending time with friends drinking a cocktail and chatting and dancing up to the early morning, especially in summer but in winter time, too!
The city offers various chance of amusement for people of all ages. Disco pub, night clubs, bars, terraces, an offer suitable for all tastes and for all budgets.
For the most exacting, it is possible to reach the famous places, well know all over the world for the lively nightlife, in few minutes driving: Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo and Baja Sardinia in the North, San Teodoro and Budoni in the South, where is possible to spend a pleasant evening dancing and listening to a enjoyable live music, having a tasty drink at the poolside…

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Sardinia is the native land of two types of outstanding importance and ancient tradition wines: “Vermentino” and “Cannonau”.
Vermentino is a full-bodied and aromatic white wine marked out by a significant proof, with an intense aroma of the Mediterranean scrub and citrus. Gallura represents the perfect area where Vermentino shows the highest result in terms of organoleptic features.
Cannonau is the most ancient wine of the Mediterranean basin, with its typical ruby red colour, unique perfume and strong aroma. Mainly the interior of the island represents the most authentic production area.
Much the wineries that produce excellent wines: Cantina del Vermentino of Monti, Cantine Surrau, Cantina di Mogoro, Cantina Berchidda, Cantina Jurzu, Cantina Dorgali, Cantina Oliena, Cantina Trexenta, Cantina Sella e Mosca, Cantina Santadi, Cantina Argiolas, Capichera, Tondini, Cherchi, Contini, Deiana, Pala, Mancini, Siddura, Pedres, Meloni, Puggioni.

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Sardinia is well-known not only for the wonderful beaches but also for the numerous archaeological sites. Nuraghi, Dolmen, Menhir, Necropolis, Domus de Janas, Giants tombs but also Phoenician and Punic colonies, roman villages, medieval castles and coastal towers built with purpose of defence. Gallura boast many outstanding examples, easily reachable either by car and with organized excursions: Nuraghe la Prisgiona, the Necropolis Li Muri, Giants tombs, the Castle of Pedres, the Secred well Sa Testa and many other proofs of a millennial history.

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